Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kids' Craft for Thanksgiving

We are making THESE this week while visiting the family down in Nebraska. (weather permitting--I soooooo need to get out of town.)

Can't wait!

Thanks, Nancy, for finding and posting this link.

And for those of you also traveling try this free download from 24 pages of activities to keep the smaller people in your car occupied. It could also be used while prepping on Thanksgiving day.


  1. Fun, Im glad you guys are gonna try them! I tried them out while I was babysitting my nieces and they were a lot of fun to make. We found that if you use double stuff oreos, the candy corn fits in better. My icing was pretty soft too and it didnt work as glue very well. We propped the two cookies against a wall like she did in the tutorial and the next day the icing had set pretty well. If you want a faster set then that, I would recommend using a royal icing. Otherwise everything else was really easy and fun. I hope the weather is good for you too!

  2. Thanks for the Royal icing tip. It was awesome and hardened up in about 1 hour (or less) which is just what we needed today to get them done for this afternoon's get together. Ethan and Nate were my helpers--the other kids weren't in the mood to help. So I used the "big" boys instead.



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