Monday, May 10, 2010

B/W Tessallation Quilt {Finally finished}

So about a year ago I finished the top to this quilt. Then life happened...alot. And I didn't want to do whatever and screw it up. I actually tried to finish it for Christmas this past year for hubby. But I was having issues with the quilting and needed to pick it all out and start over. FRUSTRATING! So I put it away again and finished up some other things before finally setting a goal for myself to "get 'er done".

I still had to pick out all the quilting (basic cross hatch) I didn't like and sort of did that as I was doing the new quilting. Originally I had thought about quilting each whirlygig, decided that was too time consuming; however, that is exactly what I came back to. And I really like how it looks--it makes me much much happier, and considering how much work I put into it I want this quilt to make me happy.

Now it is D-O-N-E! As sort of an evolution during this past year of working on it I decided it would be an anniversary quilt. We celebrated 15 years this past week! Hubby made a simple quilt for me while we were engaged with the help of his grandma. Now it is my turn.

Finished size: HUGE!...actually 84" x 86"

(I'm not sure I'll ever do one this big again--or at least for a VERY long time. Give me some easy baby blankets any day.)

Embroidered Hearts found HERE for a free download.


  1. love the little heart detail. the quilt turned out great!

  2. Wow! Looks great! (I am very impressed with how big it is! I am not brave enough to try something that large!!)



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