Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kid Tent {Sesame Street Style}

I made a tent for the nursery kids at church.

Mom gave me 2 of these sweet flat sheets awhile back. They were brand new! But they look sort of retro, don't they?! They are a cotton/poly mix ~ probably 60/40. While that's not so good for quilt backs it works perfectly for tent making. Besides, what 2-3 year old doesn't love Sesame Street.
I'm not kidding when I say that my 5 years old keeps asking when we can go to the church and play in the tent. I'd call that success! I can't wait to show the kids on Sunday.

FYI: Here are the measurements for the standard classroom table in every LDS Church
29.5 inches high
24 inches wide
35 inches long
107 inches circumference


  1. we had those sesame street sheets growing up! my sister and I fought over who got them on their bed that week!

  2. Too cute!
    Every kid loves a tent.

  3. I agree every kid loves a tent! My kids are always building tents in our living room using blankets,so this could be a nic solution...I`m having a giveaway on my blog so if you like surprises..;)



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