Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pleated pillow cover

I already posted this on my personal blog, but thought I would share it here too. I made this for a gift, but like it so much I'll be making one of my own. It was inspired by this (used to be available in mustard).

I just used a quilter's cotton I had in my stash . And after a major miscalculation trying to make an envelope style cover the hubby suggested the buttons. Which turned out even better.


  1. very pretty!! i may be inspired to make one...

  2. Cute. Love the colour. Reminds of summer. I want to make lots and lots of pillows for the couch in my new sewing room and this is a wonderful idea!

  3. I love it, I think it would be the perfect way to brighten up any room! Who knows maybe I'll make some for my bedroom :)

  4. Love it! Color, style, bottons on the back, very fun! Tiffany

  5. The finishing is perfect to the pillow with the button and the lines perfect.I am sure you can go professional with it.




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