Monday, October 19, 2009

Racecar Baby Quilt

After the Pinewood Derby in the Spring the Cubscout leader gave me 2 pieces of this racecar print because he figured if anyone could come up with something to do with the pieces I could. I made the baby quilt sometime after that and I have just been holding onto it until I felt like I wanted to give it away. Well, this weekend I gave it away to someone at church who just had baby boy #2.

The back is definitely a little obnoxious, but all in all I do like it--obnoxious or not. The baby's big brother was ready to claim the quilt for himself, so it can't be totally bad. The yellow pieces are flannel, but the rest is cotton.

Unlike Emily, I am a machine binder. I figure on baby quilts especially they'd be used heavily and so warrant machine binding instead of hand binding. Plus, really, I do not enjoy hand sewing. So welcome to the world Baby D. I hope your brother doesn't steal your quilt too often.


  1. That backing is awesome!

    And my word verification is MOTOR--how appropriate! :)

  2. A boy would definitely go crazy for that!

  3. I know my boys would like that a lot!

    Could you give me a few pointers on machine binding? I've tried it 3times now, and I'm just not sure that I'm going about it the right way. I want to keep binding by machine because it is so much faster, and I'm like you, I really don't like hand sewing very much. Yours looks so nice!!


    Aimee--try the above link. It has a nice diagram showing how to miter the corner while machine binding. I had also checked out a couple quilting books from my library so that I could see the pics in there and better get the idea of how they did it.

  5. Wow, you girls are speedy! I'm so impressed with all your quilts. Tiffany



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