Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Loveseat Transformation Begins

This is beginning of the re-upholster project for the loveseat. I've done this before and so I do know what I am getting into. Let's hope it all turns out well enough to make me happy.

Love the shape of this little loveseat. And it is rather sturdy even though you can see that it and the slipcover are O-L-D!

Someone obviously washed the slipcover and it shrunk. Mental Note--pre-wash your fabric when you are making your own slipcover so that you don't have this same problem after your first washing.

I want to refinish the legs and then let them be somewhat exposed. They are such a pretty little shape.
Here I am so you can get the size and scale of the loveseat. Let's hope this works out the way I envision. And I just realized that we have never owned a new sofa (not including the futon we used to have) in our entire married life of 14 years. Every single one we've owned has been a thrift store purchase (during our college days), given to us free, or we've rescued it from somewhere and then redone it. Well...I guess the trend continues. Hmmm,...maybe one day I can get that nice leather sofa I want--new and ready to use immediately.


  1. i can not wait to see what you do with looks to be the perfect size.

  2. What kind of fabric are you thinking? Something to go with your lime green ottoman?

  3. I can't wait to see this transform! It's going to be major. :)

  4. Love the legs. I agree they should show. Can't wait to see the end result. Tiffany



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