Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A little something for Baby M

Congrats to Leslie!

She had her baby a couple of weeks ago -- a week before her scheduled induction and 16 days before her due date -- But everyone is doing well! We went and visited them this week. Brought along some baby goodness for New Miss M.

My favorite part of this quilt has to be...

Leslie's reaction!! Not that she didn't expect a quilt, but I was pretty sneaky. I used all of her favorite fabrics without her even knowing!

She had given them to me awhile back-- even went as far as cutting the squares, but couldn't figure out how to make them look nice together in a quilt. So I took them, added the grey dot and, Voila! I love surprises!

The only piece I bought was this pretty pink polka dot (from JoAnn's) for the border, binding, and backing. It goes so well with the other fabrics--so dainty and sweet!

So, to Miss M, we say Welcome to the family!


  1. Love these colors together. It looks so soft and cuddly.

  2. this quilt is adorable...and what a sweet little baby....congratulations

  3. Very sweet..I love that you caught the reaction so well :)
    and Congratulations!

  4. Leslie's reaction is priceless! The quilt is beautiful.

  5. Oh look at that adorable baby! I miss holding a baby. Love the quilt it looks great.

  6. I love it, love it, love it! I took some photos with her on it this week and they are so cute. Can't wait to post.

  7. That is a sweet quilt. Very pretty fun colors. Leslie always has the greatest reactions too. It makes it well worth the surprise.

  8. And I love the doll quilt for L!

  9. what kinda of fabrics did you use?



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