Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mom's New Apron

What do you get your mother for her birthday, when she repeatedly makes a point of saying she has all she needs? Well, in my case you wait for her to call and ask, "Could you make me a new canning apron?" Love to! So Happy Birthday Mom!! I'll get your apron in the mail here soon.

Lined or Reversible Chef Style Apron Tutorial

**This pattern came from the Family Circle magazine, Sept. '73. Thanks to Grandma F. who sent it to me a couple years ago.
Copy pattern onto paper or plastic using dimensions provided below.


Keep in mind that you can adjust how deep the armpits are and how wide across the top edge is depending on who you are making this for. My aprons tend to be closer to 10" across the top edge and not 12" like this pattern shows.

Also, I lengthen my own aprons to 36", not 31" as shown, but I am 6'2" tall and I like them long.

If you are making a reversible apron then I would not add the pocket at the end, but do it first thing so that the stitching does not show through on the back side.



  1. Cut 2 pieces, one from fabric and one from lining fabric
  2. Add any embellishments at this point to your apron. This time I did some embroidery. See here and here for pattern details.

  3. With right sides together sew sides and bottom, leaving armpit and top open.

  4. Clip corners, turn right sides out.

  5. Press and top stitch along sides and bottom.
  6. Top side viewBack side viewI usually topstitch at 3/8" and then again right at the edge.

  7. Using bias tape, sandwich the top edge of your apron in between your bias tape. Topstitch close to edge of bias tape.

  8. Use remaining bias tape to form ties and neck band. Take the remaining tape, fold it in half and mark the halfway point with a pin. Measure down about 8 1/2" on either side of the halfway point and mark again with a pin. This is where you will place the top edge of the apron. (This length can also be adjusted according to the wearer and their comfort factor.) Sandwich and topstitch the same way as you did with the top edge of the apron.Pin bias tape along armpit curve. Start sewing bias tape at one end of a tie and sew continuously from there up and around the neck down the other side to the end of the opposite tie.

  9. I reinforce the corners where the ties connect with the body of the apron on each side and at the two corners of the top edge of the apron.

  10. Add front pocket (optional). Cut any size and shape you desire from the remaining fabrics. Sometimes I line the pocket and sometimes I don't--depends on my mood and if I embellish the pocket. See here for pocket embroidery details.

  11. I usually just tie the ends of the bias tape in a knot and maybe add a dab of Fray Check to it.

See this post for another apron using this same pattern.


  1. Love the "Yes I Can" embellishment! Very clever.

  2. We copied that from the Ball Corp. who does all the canning stuff. They have a Yes I Can apron, but not nearly as cute as ours. :)

  3. You girls are very clever. I love all your sewing projects.

  4. This is so cute! I love the "Yes I Can!" So much fun! I'll be linking.

  5. Very nice! I posted a link to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing Blog:



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