Monday, October 20, 2008


I've been wanting to replace the arrangement of photos that formerly filled these frames. They just weren't working. This is so much better (minus my helmet hair) :)

I was definitely complicating this project by thinking I need to print the photos and then get them reduced to the right size. Then this morning had an epiphone. I uploaded the digital photos onto my computer and pulled them up in Preview. Then I minimized our heads to fit within the borders of my 4x6 frames (4/$1.29 at IKEA). Then I grabbed a piece of copy paper and used my monitor as a lightbox to trace the outline of our faces. Done in less than 15 minutes. And that includes cutting. It would be fun to do this with each new member of our family over the years and hang the whole series as a group. I've got the perfect spot in mind.

***good luck getting your own 10 month old to sit still long enough to snap a profile. that was a doozy!


  1. I LOOOOOVVVEE silhouettes! I remember doing them once at East Antioch--probably 2nd or 3rd grade--with a light prjector and we had to sit very still so someone could trace us. I hadn't really known a good way to do them for my brood, but this might work! Awesome!

  2. I know I was just thinking about that this morning....the light projector version. I remember having to sit so still while the teacher traced your shadow onto a huge piece of paper. Such a good memory. I felt special whenever we did these. Like that is MY head. :)

    This way is so much easier, Em.

  3. I feel sorry for myself. I never got to do one of these that I can remember. Of course, I am getting up there in age and so maybe I did have one, but I don't think so.

  4. Thank you! Your directions simplified this for me so much! I am doing all four kids small on one sheet to fit in an 8x10 frame.



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