Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Fabric Wall" Mini Quilt--Revisited

Way back when, I made this quilt. Then it sat in my closet waiting to be finished. And, it sat, and sat...until I figured out that the reason it wasn't getting finished, was because I really didn't like how it turned out.

This week I was determined to fix the problem and get it done! Besides, my sewing room wall is staring blankly at me waiting for this little ditty to get hung up. (If anyone has any tips on the best way to hang a little quilt, I'd greatly appreciate it!)

So here is a quick look back at the before:

And here it is after:

You can see that I cut each color apart, added a thin white sashing, and rearranged the color order. I am MUCH happier with this look as it doesn't feel so RAINBOW-ish now.

(Finished Quilt Measures 18" by 25")

I tested out my new (but rather shaky) machine quilting skills on it and, again, am very happy with the results from a distance. It has the quilted, scrunchy look that I was going for. I also tried to do a real binding to finish it off using this method. It was easy enough and looked great, but I had to unpick it twice due to my own miscalculations with the fabric. For my third attempt I have to go out and buy a coordinating piece of fabric just for the binding since I messed up my remaining leftovers. Oh, well. Live and learn!

I found out, in all my Googling that this type of quilt is sometimes referred to as a Spectrum Quilt or a Color Wheel Quilt. You can see lots of beautiful variations here and here.


  1. Emily!!! It is stunning! I love it! I liked the before too, but the white sashing strips between the colors just takes it up a notch! It is so pretty!

  2. I like it before, but even more so now with the white in between. good instincts, Em. And the machine quilting looks awesome.

  3. That border of white really makes the statement and turns it into a piece of modern art. Well done. Makes me want to quilt and I don't quilt!

  4. I really like the white borders. It makes the color squares pop even more.

  5. Try a thin dowel to hang it--drill holes near each end, sew it to the quilt. Or you can buy wooden quilt hangers and paint them whatever color you want.

  6. This looks so great! I am a novice quilter and am in awe of people who do quilt! Thanks for joining my giveaway!

  7. Been following the blog for awhile now. Never commented before. I LOVE the addition of the sashing. Has a more modern feel to it. Perfect for inspiration in a sewing room.



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