Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gift Garland

I'm so excited for the Holidays. Here's the second project for L's holiday room decor.

I saw this idea in my latest Pottery Barn catalog and I just fell in love. I had all the supplies to make this in my stash (ribbon, wrapping paper) except I needed to purchase a few more jewelry boxes. If you have a local Xpedx that is where I got my boxes. They have a ton of sizes. I used yarn and a thumb tack to hang, but I think it needs something sturdier. And the yarn looks kind of junky against all the nice ribbon. So I will replace that when it actually goes up for the Holidays. And make it a lot longer.

here's the pottery barn photo


  1. What a wonderful idea :-) All the little packages look veru Christmas-sy.

  2. First of all..I love the red paper lanterns. LOVE THEM!! And of course the gift garland is gorgeous as well. Oh and I just noticed you linked to my ring sling tutorial on the sidebar...YAY! I've been telling everyone about your mad sewing skills. You've inspired me!
    Keep em' comin'

  3. it looks adorable! great job! :)



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