Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Quilt in progress

I don't need any other projects right now, but I started another one anyway.
My youngest daughter started a scrappy quilt project and since I had a TON of blues we are now both using those scraps right now.

This is on pause for a couple weeks while I take care of some other things....like go retrieve our daughter from college.  It'll probably have to be 'til school starts up again before I get back to this.  There really are other projects that need more attention than this one.

  • Based on the pattern "Rainbow Stash Buster" from Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe, pg. 60-63
  • As of now if I even out the sides it will measure 62 inches square.  I cut 6 inch squares instead of 5 1/2 inch squares like the pattern indicates.  I am going to add at least one more row all the way around to make it larger for us tall folk.

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