Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bed frames for the boys

In our previous house our two boys shared a bunkbed.
We got rid of it before we moved.
I was tired of it and wanted something different for them.

Since moving in March they have just had their mattresses laying on the floor in their room.
Our youngest has been complaining for quite some time that he "doesn't have a bed."
Mattress yes, actual bed, no.


Yep, it was pretty sad looking in there, even with the newly painted walls.

After perusing Pinterest for quite some time I finally found a simple frame that would work for what I wanted and needed in their room.  They aren't the cleanliest or most organized boys in the world.  (Are there any?!) Our 14 year old reminded me over and over that he didn't care if he was sleeping on the floor and that the mess didn't bother HIM. Yeah, well, it bothered me. So we definitely needed space underneath to hide things away.

Hubby and I worked most of a Saturday afternoon evening to make these beds.  Son #1 got involved after the first one was assembled and we put it in their room.  Son #2 was thrilled!!!  And then all of a sudden son #1 decided that he wouldn't mind having a bed and getting off the floor.


They are working out nicely and both are happy to be off the floor.
More boys' bedroom transformation in the coming weeks.

  • Pattern from Decor and the Dog
  • We modified the length of the bed--cut side board 2 x 6s to 72" not 76". A twin mattress is 75" long and using 76" would make the space where the mattress sits about 80"--we didn't want gapping at either end of the bed. 
  • We added the bottom cross bracket on the headboard end too to add more stability.
  • We cut the legs 23" long instead of 15" long so that there would be more storage space underneath.  There is about 18" of clearance underneath their beds.  LOVE it!
  • Materials list found on the pattern link.  We spent $75 for the two beds combined.

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