Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Braided Scarf

I made this scarf at least 2 years ago, but never blogged about it.  I think I was trying to decide if I actually liked it and would wear it.  Just this Winter I finally blocked it out and wore it.  I received some nice compliments on those days.  So I guess I should wear it a little bit more.

I can't remember what yarn I used for it.  But obviously I went 2-tone in greens.
Note:  After making a run to Jo-Ann's for something else, I think this yarn was Lion Brand Jiffy in Apple Green and Avocado..

The pattern is called "Braided Neckpiece" from this book, "Loop-d-Loop" by Teva Durham, pg. 118-119. You can also find in on Ravelry here.

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