Friday, November 15, 2013

Thrifted Fall Wreath

I have this large mirror hanging just inside my front entry and I try to change it up with the seasons so that it has a little more character.  I found it on the curb for free and have had plans to paint it, but so far haven't done it.  Maybe I don't want it painted that bad.

Anyway, last year I just kept my Halloween wreath up thru Thanksgiving, before putting up the Christmas decorations.

However, I found this pretty wreath on Pinterest early this year and wanted to do something similar for my house.
Pretty initial fall wreath

I lucked out at my thrift store and found a cream-ish version of those berries for about $2.
Bought burlap ribbon from Jo-Ann's. $2.50/roll after 50% coupon.
Cut out and painted my own initial from hubby's scrap wood and this is what I ended up with.

I may change to a cream/gold/sparkly "K" for Christmas and New Year's....because I can.

This is how I attached the letter.
3M reusable hooks and a couple rubber bands.

It was a small moment of genius for me.
My kids were thoroughly intrigued as to how that letter was just hanging there so perfectly.

I am enjoying the pretty wreath and the pop of color.
Rustoleum 2X Ultra Color Paint and Primer -- Satin finish in Fire Orange


  1. I'm with the kids, that is genius. I kind of like your version better than the pinterest version.

  2. It is so pretty! This is an instance where the finished product actually looks as good or better than the one one Pinterest! (Or is it on me that can't make things as well as they look?...)

  3. Your wreath looks very nice :O) I especially like how you tied the bow; it stands out so well.

  4. Love the cream wreath. Can be used for every season. It's lovely!

  5. Great idea with the 3M hooks! That was a stroke of genius...



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