Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A block at a time...

You know we love charitable sewing around here, but sometimes reality proves you can actually do less than your heart desires. 

I'm always on the lookout for meaningful sewing opportunities.  
Last week as I was browsing around I came across this group on flickr. 

After some more digging and reading I decided to help out.  Because even though my heart says "I can make a quilt a month for someone in need" my mind says "No you can't!"  So I've decided to focus some of my attention and desire towards this type of thing.  Besides, I've seen what one idea and one person can accomplish with the help of others who are willing to make just one block.  

 Right now this group is working on a quilt for a teenage girl.  So, while in the throngs of doll quilt sewing I took a much needed break and made up a couple blocks.  Easy enough!  
They are now on their way to a good home!

See the other blocks for this quilt here.
Asterisk tutorial from here.

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