Friday, November 11, 2011

Quilt Club Challenge Quilt #2

While I'm off enjoying some much needed R & R with the hubs this weekend (yay!) I'll share with you my 2nd quilt club challenge quilt.  It's a crazy one! 

When I first showed Leslie what I was going to do she was like, "Whoa, That's one crazy quilt -- Like mad hatter crazy!"  The name has stuck so I'm calling it The Mad Hatter.    

The story behind it is similar to my other one.  But this is the quilt club challenge from the previous year.  The ladies were given a stack of florals (again, cut from one of the club members own stash).  By the time I entered the group everyone had mostly gotten their quilts finished.  I was given an "Oh, here's some floral squares for you!" stack of leftovers.  Again, didn't love the fabrics, so they sat and sat while I figured what the heck I was going to do with them. 

When I saw this... 
Photo from Quilt Magazine 2010
I knew I'd found my inspiration! 
It is a Kaffe Fassett quilt that graced the cover of Quilt Magazine in June/July 2010.  While I am generally not a big fan of his (Sorry Kaffe lovers!) I knew my florals could take on this same look and be awesome in their ugliness.  

I think my cheap-o, knock-off, quilt club challenge version is a pretty good one, don't you?

Updated: You can view the finished quilt HERE


  1. Amazing transformation!
    It is crazy but in a good way. I'd love to see what some of your ladies did with their assignment.

  2. I do like it! Like you, I'm not crazy over Kaffe Fasset but I like that you took his inspiration to your 'uglies' and made it beautiful. What do you plan to do with it?

  3. Fantastic! I'm not a Kaffe Fasset lover either but I love how you beautified some ugly fabric - awesome!



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