Monday, September 5, 2011

Ranger's Cloak

This summer Z. has been getting into the Ranger's Apprentice series of books by John Flanagan, thanks to a recommendation from our cousin Annette and her Book Barn.  He is currently on book #9.  There is at least a #10, but not sure if there are any others after that.  I'm so happy he is reading--these books all have about 300+ pages each.

Anyway, he has decided that this is what he wants to be for Halloween, along with his friend G. They've already made their weapons. Then it was time to move onto the cloak. Z. was very specific about the color, length, how it attaches, etc. So he helped me find the fabric and then let me know that he wanted to make it himself. Fine with me.

I set him up to cut it out, showed him how to pin it together and then got him sewing.  This is a very forgiving pattern for beginners.  No need for exact fittings, only 2 slight curves, etc. 

Little brother asked me during the process when he could learn to sew too.
He was looking pretty intent there while Z. was sewing.

Originally Z. wanted it to button at the closure, per the book's description, but then we found these cool buckles.  That sealed the deal.

It turned out great and Z. is thrilled.  G. came over a couple days later and tried it on.  He is dying to get his too. 

Fleeing the scene.  It is an awesome cloak, if we do say so ourselves.

Fabric - 4 yds. panne velour for $8
Buckles - free in my stash (with 1 left for G. if he needs it for his cloak)
Pattern - Butterick 4319 view B


  1. That is so cool! Even cooler that he made it himself.

    There is a book 10 which is the last in that series. But...Ranger's Apprentice: The Lost Stories comes out October 4th and then the author has a new series coming out November 1st called The Brotherband Chronicles that takes place in the same world but with new characters, Skandians I think. Yes, I am a book nerd.

  2. Neat cloak (but it dosn't have the right colors you need some green mixed in there.) Harrison

  3. Great books, wonderful cloak! Sewing is a great life skill for everybody. I love the last action shot!



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