Friday, August 26, 2011

A Wedding Quilt for Dan and Ashley

Ashley is a friend of mine that I've known since she was young.  Now she is all grown up and in love with Dan. A few weeks ago they got married! Yay! Can I just say that she was the most easy going bride I've ever seen.  Besides being super chill at her own wedding, she absolutely didn't sweat the small stuff.  Her main focus was becoming Dan's wife.  The rest was merely icing on the cake for her.  All brides should be that awesome.

When we were discussing ideas for a quilt she pretty much told me to do whatever. After she told me her colors I asked if she wanted to pick out fabrics with me.  Her answer was "No, 'cuz I know whatever you choose will be great!"   (See, super chill!) 

My plan was to have the quilt be a siggy quilt that could be signed by friends and family at their 2 receptions, but after getting it done my husband said "that is way too pretty to let people sign!"  I gave her the option to sign or not to sign.  She chose no signing. 

So here are some hastily taken pictures as I literally finished this up at the 11th hour.
I really liked the design.  And super easy to make.  You just need a huge stack of HST's and off you go.  I just chose a bunch of fabrics from my stash and bought a few other pieces to tie them all together. 

I had my quilter add their names, wedding date, location, and such around the border.  You can't see it really in these pics but Ashley was pretty happy about that little touch.

Since I thought it was going to be signed there was no quilting on any of the white. I used a slightly higher loft batting so it came out super cozy.  Perfect for newlyweds to curl up with.

The quilting gave an awesome texture to the back of the quilt as well. 
Happy Couple!

Congrats Ashley and Dan!  May you have a long and happy life together!

Find plenty of HST variations and inspiration on flickr.
Directions to make your own here.

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  1. I like the design too! It turned out beautifully. It's fun playing around with HST's isn't it?



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