Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Look Travel Dress

I think I bought this pattern a year ago Spring but just hadn't put it together yet.  I had sort of put myself on a no new fabric shopping diet.  I have this great store where I usually find all my awesome knits (it's where I get all my swimsuit fabric too) but I just hadn't gone much because I couldn't take the pressure of looking at all those pretty fabrics and then not buying anything.  Better to just avoid the "evil" all together.

But then earlier in the year I really needed a new dress. O.K. "need" is used loosely, but my wardrobe has been bugging me immensely.   I ended up using some cool navy fabric from my stash last minute.  Great textured knit fabric--the kind you can wad on the floor and leave for days and then there isn't a wrinkle in sight when you pick it up days later to wear it.  LOVE that!  Perfect dress to take when traveling--just shove it in the suitcase and go.  

(besides the texture of the fabric the picture above also shows the front detail at the bust)

New Look 6802

My changes:
View B sleeves with view C bodice.
Lengthened the pattern, as usual, about 9 inches to the hem. I wanted it a bit longer than just at the knee.
Adjusted the neckline to be higher and scooped  instead of V-neck.

This is a super easy dress with some nice details. No zipper, just pull it over your head.  I wore it first in January in Arizona for our Grandmother's funeral.  So comfy and easy to wear for long periods of time.   Paired it with my favorite red slingbacks and I love, love, love this dress!

Here is I am at the cemetery with our dad in January--photo courtesy of Leslie

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  1. Awesome (perfect) travel dress = one you can wad up in your suitcase!!!



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