Monday, December 13, 2010

We interrupt this Christmas season to bring you....

....costumes for the musical "Annie".

My#2 daughter was in her middle school musical here this past weekend and the next. She is playing one of Daddy Warbuck's servants. Although she wanted a different part, she is just happy she didn't end up being a hobo. And as this is her first year of middle school and musicals, she has time to earn better parts down the road.

Anyway, I was asked to make aprons for the servant girls--all 14 of them!! I didn't use a specific pattern, which luckily did work out for me. I just winged it with the pieces, etc. as I went along, using my daughter as the model. I'm just so glad I had come across some "freebie" white fabric that was enough for most of the aprons. I think I ended up only buying 3 more yards once it was all said and done. Much cheaper than past musicals and renting costumes, or making all from scratch. I also made a quick elastic waist, straight black skirt for my daughter with fabric from "the stash". (It is times like these that I think I should never throw any chunks of fabric away because you just never know....)

My M. is on the far left--with a couple of her friends backstage.

So here are all my servant cuties during one of their scenes.
I only had 4 aprons done by the dress rehearsal day and so the rest of the girls were DYING to finally get their aprons. Too funny! They did a great job. You are the best looking servant girls around...if I do say so myself.

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  1. Great work on the aprons! I have the very same fear of needing each and every scrap at some point that keeps me from throwing anything out too.



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