Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Purple & White T-shirt Dress {Butterick 5522}

Finally I have been able to make something for ME!!!

I have not been liking my options for Sunday church wear and have had fabric and patterns set aside for quite some time. After all my water mess and purging of the sewing room I have put sewing for myself back on the priority list. All other fires will have to wait to be put out at another time.

This dress (Butterick 5522) seems sort of retro to me. But hey, I was born in the 60's.....and I like it. Maybe that makes me retro too.
The only changes to this pattern that I made for me were that I had to add about 7" in order to get it to at least hit my knees. It also called for putting a 9" zipper in back. Why!? It is made out of t-shirt knit. I don't see why you need a zipper with t-shirt fabric. But just to double check I only sewed up to where the zipper would be, then basted the remainder to the neckline. I tried it on that way to make sure it would work before permanently sewing up the back seam.

I thought about making the neckband white, but decided against it. I wanted the focus to be on the sleeves, or whatever cool piece of jewelry I could find to go with it. I like my little improv chain.
I've had this dress completed for a bit, but hadn't yet worn it as the weather here was staying in the 70's and 80's. I needed it to be a little cooler before I debuted it. Finally this past weekend I wore it.

I only wish I still had my awesome pair of purple suede pumps. I had to give those away years ago after they no longer fit--post babies. I loved those shoes. I actually bought them before I had anything to wear with them. Then I found fabric and made an outfit for the shoes. In the "old days", i.e. pre-marriage, pre-babies, that is how I usually shopped. Bought shoes and accessories I liked first, and then made the outfits to go with.


  1. I love it! What a great shape on you, you look very elegant in this dress. Nice!

  2. That dress is super cute! Well done!

  3. I love the dress..hey I'm from the 60's also

  4. So cute Renae, and the necklace is a perfect match!



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