Friday, March 12, 2010


We've talked before about different needles when sewing. I can tell you from experience that using a STRETCH needle when making swimsuits or t-shirts makes ALL the difference in the world. I can only assume that is why most people don't like to sew with knits because they are using the wrong needle. It will make you cranky if you try sewing knits with just a Universal.

So as I was stocking up on some notions this week, I happened to see Quilting Needles and wondered what the difference was between those and regular Universal needles.

According to the Schmetz Website it has this to say about Quilting Needles:

Special taper to the slightly rounded point.

Fabric Use:
Made especially for piecing and machine quilting. The special tapered design allows easier fabric penetration and helps eliminate skipped stitches.

One of the ladies at my favorite fabric store says that she uses quilting needles when she quilts and thinks that it does make a difference. I bought a package and am going to try it out for myself. She also directed me to this needle guide and it seems quite helpful. If you want one for your own reference you can find it here: Free Schmetz Needle Guide w/ $10 order at Schmetz.

Or check out the notions section at your fabric store to see if there is one there to take for free. It is about the size of 3x5 card.

So I guess the point of this post is, for those you who quilt more than any of us have, does using a quilting needle really make a difference in your quilts?


  1. I love Klasse's titanium quilting needles and use them all the time. They make a smaller hole piercing through the fabric and don't break nearly as often the regular needles, especially when going at high speeds while free motion quilting.

  2. Sorry for the double post (now triple post) - I received an error notice on the first one so I posted again. I promise I am not a Klasse marketer ; )

  3. I have to agree with Lunden, the are the ones I use and make a world of difference in your work.



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