Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The boys at my house sometimes feel left out in the sewing department. Hubby asked me awhile back if I would make some matching neckties for the 3 of them for church.

Well, this is what you end up with when you take the 4 yr. old with you to pick out fabric.
I was looking for something a little more subtle. And yes, that is glitter on the fabric.

They got rave reviews at Church this past Sunday.
Happy St. Patrick's Day Gentlemen!
This is the pattern I used.
Simplicity 4762

I was able to get 3 neckties out of 1 yd. of fabric. The pattern calls for 1 yd. for a man's tie. The only reason you need that much is because it is laid out on the bias.
I also am not convinced you need the interfacing, at least with the cotton fabric (not the best for ties, but we were going with a theme) the interfacing seemed pointless. And at least with these particular ties, they are going to get limited wear.
Also, the boy pattern fit perfectly for the 4 yr. old, but was too small and too short for the 8, almost 9, year old. (If you look at the pic again it looks like he's wearing a skinny 80's tie and the underneath part of the tie is only about 1 inch long. It BARELY got tied on.) So on the next one I will use the men's pattern and then shorten it only about 4 inches and it should be just about perfect--length and widthwise both.


  1. Love it! That is so much fun. Your husband is a good sport. I'm sure that isn't quite what he had in mind. I've thought about making ties but it seems a little daunting.

    Our latest thing is making self-tying bow ties. My husband makes them himself. We've had a lot of fun scouring the second hand stores for good ties.

  2. They look so handsome together. And very sparkly! ;-)

  3. That is too funny. And definitely Ethan is a good sport. Renae, you really will sew it all.

  4. It's perfect and they are handsome. The skinny tie works because it's very "in" at the moment.

  5. Good for them being MEN enough to wear sparkles :)

  6. Cool! Love that they look so happy wearing them too.

  7. They are so handsome in their matching ties. You are clever!



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