Friday, November 6, 2009

Show and Tell

Anyone else feeling the pressure build as Christmas gets closer? I sure am! I have one big project that I REALLY want to get done in time to give as a gift. I am making some progress, but it really should be farther along than it is...

This is going to be a Plain Spoken Quilt. The solid blues, greys, and white are making me so happy right now. It is going to be SO COOL when it's done!

Our parents were in town for a visit last week. I gave them the Family Reunion Quilt. Mom seemed happy with it. Dad is only ever concerned if it's going to be long enough to cover his feet and come up to his neck. :) I think it is...

The names faded a bit when I washed the quilt so mom said she was going to embroider all the names on. I am so happy she is doing that. I had thought that was what needed to be done, but I wasn't about to do all 33 names. Mom has way more time and many more years experience than me. She will make them look great!

This sign makes me laugh! It is in the restroom of the fabric store I like to visit when I go to my in-laws. It points to a trash bin. Do you think it actually stops shoplifters from flushing the evidence?

Finally, if you want to see some skills, check out my latest family picture taken by Leslie in exactly 5 minutes. My kids don't sit still very long...and yet the picture is AWESOME!!


  1. That sign is hilarious! You guys always have fun projects going on. Cant wait to see what you end up doing for Christmas!

  2. i give them credit for posting the sign.. but who knows if it will help... i worked in retail for a long time and shoplifting is always a headache!!



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