Sunday, April 26, 2009

Swimsuit Giveaway!

This year, along with making new swimsuits for my own daughters (and nieces for the family reunion), I am going to give away a swimsuit to one of YOU! I'm willing to make a suit ranging from toddler/baby size 1T to girls size 7. And you even get to pick the color and style. How's that for fun!?

#1 Skirted (view B below)
#2 non-skirt (view A below) tanksuit.
Sizes 1T -4T are racerback and 4-7 are regular scoop tank back.

Color choices:
#1 Hot pink, orange, and yellow striped (my own personal preference for this fabric is to make the suit w/o the skirt--but if you'd like one I'd do it)

#2 Purple tie dye

Sizes: 1T - 7 girls

This time around for this giveaway you MUST be a Follower of our blog. To become a follower just click the "Follow" button on the top of our site.

After becoming a follower just answer this question: What is one of your favorite summer activities that you do with your family? Answer the question on your comment post and include along with your entry the style, color, and size you'd prefer for the little girl in your life.

Come on summer!! We're ready for you.

Giveaway will close on Friday, May 1, 2009, midnight central time.


  1. oh -#1, maybe that is lucky! There are several little girls in my life so I will have to decide what size and style if I win.

    our favorite summer activity is going fishing! We were going to go out of town this weekend but it wasn't very nice. Since we have a river right in our backyard we love getting our boat together and fishing all day with our puppy dog.

  2. We like to walk around the lake in our community. I am now a blog follower of yours. My granddaughter would be a Size 3Toddler this summer, and I like choice B in the Purple Tie Dye! Thanks for the chance to win, you must be extraordinarily talented to be able to make a bathing suit!

  3. Color Pink Style A Size 7

    Our family loves to go to the lake and go camping. It started out as just us and now we have three of my sister-in-laws and their families and my in-laws and two brother-in-laws. This year it will be a little bigger with a few old friends. We are hoping to get the whole camp ground to ourselves.

  4. ooh these are so cute! my favorite thing to do in the summer is to spend time at the beach xxx

    if we are lucky enough to win we would love suite #1 (View A) with fabric #1 for age 6.

    thanks for having giveaways theya re so much fun xxx

  5. a in purple sz 7 here we swim- red in the hoses and water balloon fights

  6. I would choose style #1 in purple size 7.

    Our family loves to hike. Nothing too intense since our kids are still pretty young, but a nice stroll through the woods. And we can't forget the hot dogs and marshmellows!

  7. For one week each summer we go to Bruin Woods in Lake Arrowhead CA. My husband does not often get home from work in time for dinner, so we all get to spend lots of time with him. They also have a great swimming pool, and my kids always make me go for a night swim just to see me freeze.

    My little one loves purple. She is six, but very long wasted, so I think a size 7 would be best.

  8. I am a follower. Also, I would choose the Hot pink, orange, and yellow striped with the skirt (B) in size 3T

    thank you!

  9. We go to the lake every summer
    I love to hang out by the water
    eat hot dogs and ice cream. by day
    by night have campfires and roast marshmellows

    I love style C

    Color #2

    Size 4T

    what a wonderful giveaway



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