Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bunny S'mores

Don't these little lovely's look yummy?? I love the spring colors! I made a few to give away to some ladies I visit. So fun! Go here to find the recipe. My only suggestion having already made them would be to use the WIDE mouth jars, otherwise it's harder to get the bunnies and graham cracker mixture in the jar. You can get it in there with the smaller lids, but the bunnies are just a little squished in there.

Happy Easter and Spring!

You can adapt these to ANY holiday.
How about these for Valentine S'mores...

... or these for Halloween S'mores

...or these for Christmas S'mores?

I love it!! :)


  1. Now this is something even I can do! Love it...

  2. Great variations too!
    And we love eatin' s'mores!



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