Saturday, February 7, 2009

Baby Quilt--Blue and Green Version #1

It appears that I have caught the quilting bug--like I knew might happen, and therefore I had been resisting for many a year. (OCD and all....) But I don't mind the baby quilt size, and I do like trying new things just to prove to myself that "I can DO it too!"

My friend Natalie is having baby boy #4 after a 6 year gap--so needless to say she doesn't have much baby stuff as she gave it all away. I decided to try a little different quilt for her babe. This basic idea comes from the book "Thinking Outside the Block" by Sandi Cummings --again. I think that I really like this book, and I really like that I can check it out from my local library.The chapter on 6" Square-within-a-square blocks is what I wanted to try for her baby quilt.

I also then used Emily's Kidz Quiltz idea to get the size that I wanted. I added a 3" border around the edge. I just love these colors together. Natalie's kids, and mine too, attend a Spanish immersion school and so this green piece of fabric was perfect. One, two, three, uno, dos,, blue, green, rojo, azul, verde. My fabric store actually had this print in a pink and a yellow version. Unfortunately right now everyone I know is having boys. No pink quilts yet.Then on the back I tried a little Crazy Mom Quilts idea of adding a pieced strip through the backing for some added character.I didn't get brave enough yet to do free motion quilting throughout. But I thought the pattern lended itself easily enough to do a grid on the diagonal. I really like it. And I hope Natalie does too, or I'm taking it back. ;) Got that Natalie!? And maybe she'll feel a little better about not getting that one girl she had hoped for.

This is my front side binding. I've decided that I really like the look of topstitching, even if it isn't necessarily proper quilting etiquette.

View of the back side of the binding.


  1. wow. looks very nice. Em is definitely rubbing off onto us. I'm dying to make the zigzag quilt for our living room.

  2. You have done a great job on this quilt! Glad you've caught the bug as so many of us have!

  3. Love the binding, I am scared to try different color binding as I refuse to handstitch...I usually do a fake binding and use excess material from the back to fold over to the front and top-stitch. Any tips on doing the binding with a color or material other than my backing?? A tutorial would be great :)

  4. Rose--I don't do hand sewn binding at this point. Here's what I did for this binding

    1. Cut 2 3/4 inch wide strips
    2. Sew together
    3. Fold in half widthwise
    4. Sew binding to quilt--right sides together using 1/2" seam allowance (it might have only been 3/8" seam) double check before doing the whole thing.
    5. Press binding toward outer edge.
    6. Fold over to backside--your edge of the binding will actually be a double fold of the binding.
    7. Pin in place and topstitch on front side as close as you can get to seam.

    I really like it that way. And I do like the contrasting binding, but that is probably more personal opinion than anything else. I have done it where it matches one side or the other and then only contrasts on the other side, or make it so it contrasts both the front and the back pieces.

  5. Do I dare ask where you found "spanish" fabric?



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