Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Alexander's Finished Quilt

Within the last couple weeks I got Alexander's quilt back from Lynn (who was in the process of moving for crying out loud!  Thanks, Lynn!!)  She did a fabulous  job as always.

From this distance you can't tell that the print doesn't line up perfectly.
So make sure you just look at the back from afar...so you can remain amazed.

I found a nice dark gray on black polka-dot that I used for the binding.
I really like it.

A couple of the individual t-shirt squares.

One of my favorites from his collection.

Strict instructions on the direction of this red shirt on the left.

And since we didn't have any school or team shirts for Alexander I asked Lynn to add his name and his graduation year on an empty space so that it would be completely personalized.

Straight out of the dryer and into his hands.
He was super happy with it.
I got a number of hugs before he left.

  • Previous post here.
  • Finished measurements: approx. 70 inches by 90 inches
  • Used 24 shirts
  • Binding fabric from Jo-Ann's. Needed about 2/3 of yard cut into 2 3/4 inch strips.  I like my binding a little wider than most.
  • Machine binding method from CrazyMomQuilts--basically it is attach the binding to the wrong side and flip to the front and topstitch.

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