Thursday, July 7, 2016

Samuel's T-shirt Quilt Top

Our nephew Samuel, in Nebraska, just graduated from Hastings High School this past May
(as well as received his Eagle Scout Award). 

Post graduation he gathered up the t-shirts he felt he could part with and sent them to me so I could put together this t-shirt quilt.

He is a tall guy (goes without saying for our family)--about 6'3"
and so I had to make sure this quilt was long enough to cover his frame.
That was a trick as he didn't have as many shirts as his sister did.
His older sister is the blondie middle one of this trio of cousins. 
I had to be a bit more creative in how I put his quilt all together.

The finished top.
I am really loving the gray/black keyboard look.

A little close-up of some of the t-shirt piecing I did for the borders.

Now to pick out the back, binding and send it off to the quilter.

  • Front and back (where possible) of about 7 t-shirts plus a sleeve logo.  He had an EXACT duplicate of the white shirt front and back so I only cut the paw print off the second shirt and placed it in the quilt.
  • For this quilt I pieced much more of the solid color portion of the t-shirts to add to it, including the sashing. I might have even pulled some solids from other t-shirt quilt extras I had.
  • Post about his sister's t-shirt quilt. You can see how different they ended up being even though they attended the same high school and both ran cross country.
  • Finished quilt top dimensions: 69 x 89 inches


  1. Tee shirt quilts are such wonderful personal gifts. I have made a couple in my time, and they certainly stretch the boundaries a little, trying to work out how to place all those treasured shirts. Congratulations, it looks great - as did your earlier ones. I had a quick look back trough your blog.

    1. Thanks, Jenny! This one was a fun one to put together. I've got another one coming up too here in the next couple weeks.



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