Thursday, November 12, 2015

A round of baby swimsuits

I haven't made any little baby swimsuits for what seems like years.
Honestly, I don't think it has been that long, but it seems like everyone was having boys for the longest time. And while I'm not opposed to making little swimsuits for boys, not everyone (or every dad) can appreciate a Speedo on their little guy. (Mostly I make them for a fun reaction!)

However, we might be back in baby girl mode now.
I recently made 4 sets of baby swimsuits and it was so fun.
My girls are done with any pink.  I may be the only one of us who ever wears any pink anymore.

Anyway, I had a fun time sewing up these teeny little suits for my friends and family and the new babies.

Size 2T suits.

Close-up of the texture of these BRIGHT pink suits.
No more embellishment needed.

Nothing like a good little skirted suit for the princesses.

I photograph these suits on my hand so you can get the ide of how little they are.
This is a 1T size suit.

Size 24-36 months

Love, love, love a good ruffle bum swimsuit for little girls!!

I have to say my friend Jenny, who received this purple suit, was dying!!.  She is having her first girl after 2 boys and she couldn't be more happy.  She told me she wished this suit was smaller so that she could bring her new daughter home from the hospital in it.  She's due the end of December and lives in MN--even if it did fit that might not be the best idea Jenny.


  • Purple suit pattern is Kwik Sew 3606.
  • Other 2 suit styles are Kwik Sew 2512. I've had this pattern for years! It appears that Kwik Sew no longer makes any baby swimsuit patterns. 
  • Swimsuit fabric from the stash.  Bought from the thrift store when I find it.
  • Used a 2.5 Stretch Twin Needle for the topstitching.


  1. I believe that swimsuits should be wear on beach and swimming pools because it is the right clothing. Others won't wear it because they feel shy.

  2. so cute swimsuits. it's perfect for my daughter. thanks.



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