Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fireplace Redo

This is the first of a couple projects I've done recently using Rustoleum High Heat Spray Paint.

Originally I went looking for some flat black paint to redo this chandelier in our house that I am going to change from the brown Tuscan look to black and clear glass. And I am also going to move it from over the dining room table.  Too many of us have hit out heads.  I just feel it is too big for right there.

I still haven't done that project, but I found the black flat paint!

Anyway, back to what I did do.

Here's the fireplace when we bought the house.
Nothing too crazy awesome or horrible, but that brown paint HAS to go!

In the process of painting and random mantel display as I was unpacking boxes.
Not bad for having no real plan in mind.

Here we are with all the painting complete and the fireplace actually painted.
If you go back to the top I spray painted the brass slats on the fireplace itself to black.
The fireplace face all comes off easy.
I did two coats to make sure it was all covered.
I also cleaned the glass.
What a huge difference that made.
Without the brass we all like it better.

The mantel is sort of put back together now (not in this picture), but we are waiting on a deer mount to be finished to hang right there in its place of honor.  Can't wait to see it all done!



  1. How do u color match a wall? Was the other paint already existing on the wall when u moved in? Thanks!

    1. The brown paint color was what was original to the house when we bought it. After narrowing down a paint sample that was from Sherwin Williams I took that can sample to Menards (or you can do Home Depot) and they color matched it based on the info they have in their computer. Apparently they can find other companys' colors. If they didn't have it that way I have also had them take some of the actual paint, paint a card, let it dry and then color match thru their computer system that way.

      If you are trying to color match something already on a wall and you don't have the old paint can that is a bit tougher. About all you can do is trial and error, which is annoying and you will probably not get it right. You can scrape off a piece of actual paint off your wall, find an inconspicuous place and then take that in for them to color match. You will then just have to patch that little spot when you go to paint again.



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