Friday, October 17, 2014

Crochet bar stool cover for a Friday Finds

My birthday was this week and really I need nothing---except some time and someone to buy our house.

I did ask my oldest daughter if she would be willing to make something for me for my birthday--as a test of the pattern and style.
Crochet stool cover out of knit fabric: Super clever idea to change the look of typical bar stools!
I saw this on Pinterest and knew she could do this for me.
I wanted to see if I would like it as much as I thought I would.

I cut the fabric yarn and she crocheted it.  Literally it probably only took her about a 1/2 hour total from start to finish.  Those are really large single crochet stitches--9 rounds is all you make.

We are super happy with how it turned out.

Much softer on the seat than straight wood.

I have enough fabric for another one and then I am thinking of what other color to choose--royal blue--or each stool a different color all together.  I have 4 stools, 2 short and 2 taller.  3 of them I got free off Craigslist and the other one for $1.99 at the thrift store = 50 cents apiece.  I am also debating on whether or not to paint the stools white and then have the colored cover.

They don't have a place in my current house, but I have plans for the future house, which amazingly is still available for sale.  I tell my husband that it is my house---just waiting for me.  However, all this house business is about to kill me....I just want my house sold.

  • Pattern instructions found here.
  • How to cut the fabric yarn here.  I thought that 2 1/2 yards of cut fabric sounded excessive, but really you do need that much to make this cover.
  • Green knit from the stash--about 6 yards that I bought at the thrift store for probably about $4.
  • Crochet hook Q--I went and bought one specifically for this project.

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