Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Finds

Over the last week or two I have found some good bargains.  I've also passed on some good bargains, somewhat regrettably, but I'll be O.K.  If they had been FREE I would've snatched them up for sure.  But I am trying to curb the "wants" since we still are trying to move and I don't know what I will be doing with everything for sure.

Mission style side table or nightstand--$14.99

Small side table--$3.74.  Daughter #3 wants this in her new room.

I plan on beefing up the bottom shelf/base, adding legs and painting a fun color.
Love the detailing on the side.

Grocery bag worth of fabric for $2.99

  • 2 yds. blue cotton print
  • 4 yds. of brown/orange knit fabric
  • 2+ yds. of white upholstery weight fabric--I may dye this down the road
  • 1+ yd. of heavy denim
  • 3 yds. of floral print
  • 6 yds. of chambray linen-ish fabric

4 blue canning jars for 75 cents each.  One was marked $4.99 but they let me have it for the lower price of $.99/ea before the 25% discount because the other 3 were marked lower.  Yipee!!  Daughter #3 went with me last time and spotted a small blue jar that we only paid  $.51 for.  Good eye, kiddo!!

I made these up with some Dollar Tree flowers and have used them as a centerpiece on our table when we have a house showing.  

Trio of pretty green candle holders for $1.49.

Storage ottoman for $3.74 which may not even need anything at all done to it.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!  Hope it is a good one.

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  1. You are finding some good things and most look in really good shape so you won't have to do much with them. Hope the houses deals come to a conclusion in the near future. We are praying for you in that regard. Love to all, M



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