Monday, March 12, 2012

Mom's Mint Chocolate Chip

I got the hint awhile back that Mom was wanting a quilt of her own, so last fall when she was visiting she and I went out and bought fabrics that would match her house.  But, as with most of my projects I let the fabrics "marinate" for some time before settling on an idea. You see, I feel fabrics get better with age! Ha! :)  Anyway...

This plus design was trending pretty hot and heavy thru blogland there for awhile. 
 I thought it would be a fun, easy design that Mom would like.  
Besides, she said I could "do whatever.." so I did!

 I was shopping with a friend when we spotted the backing fabric in brown and white.  My friend said, "It reminds me of chocolate!"  So when we found the same fabric in turquoise we decided it was the  "mint chocolate" version!  Thus it is named.

A hand sewn binding will make Mom happy.  
It is my little way of thanking her for all the hand sewing I begged had her do for me over the years.  Oh how I hated hand stitching the hems of my dresses!  She was good to me that way.

 I'm trying to be better about using/getting rid of leftovers from projects, so this small patchwork is the result from Mom's leftovers.  I included with the others that went to MHC.

Tomorrow we'll show you a matching quilt Renae made for our Dad. 
Updated: See Dad's here.

Quilt Stats~
Finished quilt measures: 45" by  67.5" 
Squares are charm sized (5").   If I ever make this pattern again I will probably use smaller squares--maybe 3.5".
Fabrics are from my stash & some from JoAnn's
The binding is a teal/turquoise sheet reclaimed by Renae.


  1. The quilts are so lovely! :)
    Hugs, Ulla (from Finland)

  2. I love the plus quilt! Nice work. I know what you mean about the fabrics 'marinating'. My nicest quilts are with fabrics that have sat together for quite sometime before I got to work on it.

  3. Oh man, so many memories of mom doing the hand sewing. What a patient woman. Wasn't as grateful as I should of been until I grew up. What a woman.

  4. we love our quilts. They are the best, especially since they were made by daughters. I still like to hand sew and still want to make an item of clothing all by hand. If the pioneer women could do it, so can I. Thanks again for the quilts. Mom

  5. Your Plus quilt is beautiful and I love the name you chose for it!

  6. I like the color combination you used. I made a quilt using this pattern for my oldest granddaughter using pieces that were given to me over the years. I have to say I like your much better...because of the colors.

  7. pretty! i love what you did with the leftovers too!

  8. I love the turquoise and brown colors. This plus quilt is beautiful and it is so good you found a good use for the leftovers!



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