Monday, August 16, 2010

Canned Vegetable Soup

Last week I picked a bunch of orange colored, cherry-sized tomatoes from my neighbor's garden. She was letting them rot on the vine since they weren't what she thought she had planted and she didn't really like the flavor. We thought they tasted just fine, so she let me take what wasn't already rotten and fermented and used them to can this soup. (Unfortunately most were already beyond hope of using. That just makes me crazy!)

This is one of my favorite soup recipes out of the Ball Blue Book (or it is also in the Ball® Complete Book of Home Preserving, pg. 402)

My kids are not as thrilled with this soup as hubby and I are, but that is fine with me. You can eat this as is--as a vegetarian soup, or I also like to add cooked chicken chunks to it. It is great to have on cold days. Open up the jar, dump it in the pan, heat and eat. So easy! Add some homemade bread and even better.

Click on Vegetable Soup to get the recipe and canning directions.

Thanks, Vicki, for the tomatoes. I'll bring you a jar of soup.

NOTE: The only change I make is that I can it with fresh green beans instead of using cooked lima beans. Personal preference.


  1. This is my FAVORITE soup recipe from the Ball book. De-lish!

  2. You had my mouth watering more and more with each suggestion.

    I so love your canning posts...maybe you all could start a new blog with just food and/or canning. Just a thought from a quilter who wishes she had more time right now to can etc. Maybe I just don't know where to start and with want.


  3. Crazy idea I'm sure, but thought I would give my two cents anyway.

    How about a "can along", like the quilt alongs?


  4. I see that this post is from 2010. The link to the recipe is no longer there but I would love to try this recipe.

    Can I find it somewhere else? Also, did you use fresh corn for this recipe? I would like to make some of this to can but our fresh corn is long gone in our area as are the tomatoes. The Ball recipe uses fresh ingredients (I think) so I was curious if you did it that way or used some storebought veges? Do you put potatoes in your vege soup for canning?

  5. I updated the link. It should work now.

    I usually use frozen corn when I make this. Yes to adding potatoes--there really aren't that many potatoes in this recipe.

    I think you could use canned tomatoes. You may just need to reduce the amount of water some in the recipe too since canned tomatoes come with juice.



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