Monday, March 7, 2011

Sew Your Own Swimsuit--Tips & Tutorials

The Complete List of Swimsuit Sewing Tips and Tutorials. 
  Click on the pictures to be taken to detailed posts.

***If you ask a question in the comments section please make sure to include your email so we can answer you back.***

Swimsuit Sewing Tips #1
Including patterns, needles, elastic, lining
Swimsuit Sewing Tips #2
Topstitching and some decorative stitches

Swimsuit Sewing Tips #3

One Shoulder Tank Tutorial

Color Blocking

Color blocked Empire Band inset

Leg Opening Elastic

One Piece Tankini Bottoms

Separate Strap Tutorial

Adding Contrasting Binding

Continuous  Binding and Straps

Kwik Sew 3606
Fabric Sources:
I have a number of swimsuit remnants for sale at my Etsy Shop

(Those listed below appear to have decent prices and good selection if you are not able to find a good source for swimsuit fabric in your area. I have not ever  bought from any of them to give any first hand account.)

When doing online searches you can also type in activewear as well as swimwear to see what you can find.

Spandex World--lots of cool prints
The Fabric Fairy
Denver Fabrics--decent prices, lots of solids


  1. This is just super, ladies! Thanks.

  2. Would you be interested in creating a swimsuit for me? I have pics of exactly what I want, but I am sure this is a project I can't tackle myself. Please email me at


  3. I'm still getting used to my post baby body and figured a cute swimsuit would make summer feel a little better for me this year. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of options out there for us mommys who want to cover up AND look cute! I googled how to make a swim suit and found your blog. So glad that I did! Not sure if all of this information scares me or encourages me more. Either way, thanks for sharing your skill!

  4. Do you use wooly nylon with your serger when you sew?

  5. You must have covered every imaginable aspect of sewing swimwear!!! Thanks for linking up @Threading My Way.

  6. Wow, you have provided a WEALTH of information. I just wanted to thank you. I read and re-read your swimsuit posts until I finally psyched myself up to make a couple. The first one was a pain, but the second went much more smoothly. I used your tips about elastic, continuous binding, topstitching, etc. and it went pretty well! I even did a knock-off of your shirred empire tankini. I made it as a suit (not a top) and didn't have the nerve for the double strap, but it was relatively close to yours. ;-) Thanks again!!

  7. Hi Emily, I've featured your Swimsuit Tutorials today...

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  10. I've finally thrown in the towel with RTW swimwear for my family. The problem is that I have seen them in ill-fitting swimwear for so long, it's hard to tell if what I've made them is fitting properly. Can you explain briefly what to look for by way of fit? How should the finished measurements of the garment compare to actual measurements of my kiddo? How snug should the suit fit? Thanks!



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